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Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services

No Cost Services

At Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services (IVRS), we offer many different services to businesses designed to meet your business needs! We can help you find the right people for the job, retain workers, and so much more.

Employee Retention

Our staff takes the time to get to know your unique business needs! We invest time in a thorough analysis of a job position to ensure we understand the essential functions of the job, the culture and your onboarding processes. Additionally, when we analyze the essential functions, we break the job down to fully understand every component. By understanding these critical pieces, we can make sure that our job applicants are trained in a manner in which they learn best and best serves your job needs. This allows us to provide you with candidates who are able to perform the job correctly and appropriately. When an individual fully comprehends all aspects of a job - and they believe in the culture of your business, they quickly assimilate. These job candidates become employees who are retained longer.

Please contact us if you want us! We will learn your unique business needs by doing a complete, FREE analysis of any job position.

Are You a Federal Contractor?

We are here to help with your compliance!

  • Did you know you can post jobs through our organization and we will share these with Iowans who have disabilities?
  • We have agreements we can both sign showing our intent to partner.
  • IVRS is happy to help you find talented, qualified employees with disabilities.

Prescreen Qualified Applicants

By spending time with your company leaders and staff, we understand YOU. We learn bout the skills required for your position openings, the culture of your workplace, as well as the background and educational requirements necessary for employment. We also spend a great amount of time with our job candidates, learning about their background, their transferable skills, and their personal values. By taking the time to understand both the business needs and the job candidates' abilities, we are able to make referrals of people who are prescreened and qualified for your employment needs.


Need help understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act?  Do you wonder what questions you can ask in an interview and what you can't (as it relates to disability)? Would you like a presentation to your staff regarding the employment of and working with people with disabilities? We are here to assist you with your ADA questions - there is no cost for this service.

Coaching and Support

We support our job candidates through their employment journey and can fund a job coach to work 1:1 to teach the duties of the job. This allows you peace of mind, knowing your new applicant will be trained to your needs. We are also able to fund some on-the-job training and reimburse your organization for training new employee. There is no additional cost to you. 

Consultation Services

  • Are you interested in learning if your business is ADA accessible? We can provide this to your organization, free of charge, with a report of our recommendations.
  • Would you like your office to be provided with ergonomic trainings to help reduce potential worker's compensation claims? Our trained staff are able to provide this hands-on training, also at no cost to your organization.
  • Want to provide your staff with Disability Sensitivity training? Our staff would love to provide this free service to your organization.
  • We provide an array of no-cost consultation services and trainings.

Job Flow Analysis

Want to reduce high turnover in a specific area? Call our IVRS experts for an on-site analysis. We can identify ways to save you money while making suggestions for efficiencies. This is accomplished by identifying the essential functions of the job and which tasks consume time and effort - but may not require the skill level of your overall workforce. This process allows us to identify IVRS job candidates who would be happy to complete the non-essential functions of a job. This allows your higher paid employees the time needed to focus on the essential functions of the job and saves you money.

Customized Solutions

Do you have a particular need that isn't listed above? Our goal is to develop creative solutions to address your unique staffing needs. Are you a seasonal business? Are you expanding? Do you have high turnover in certain key positions? IVRS can help you develop a custom staffing strategy to meet your changing workforce needs. We take the time to learn about your business, identify skill requirements, and research options.

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No Cost Business Services and Resources

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