SRC Travel Reimbursement Guidance

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State Rehabilitation Council members will be reimbursed for meal costs and travel expenses associated with attending SRC meetings. Lunch is provided at each of the quarterly meetings.* If attendance necessitates travel to Des Moines the night before, or an early departure (prior to 6:00 a.m.) or late return (after 7:00 p.m.), other meals may be claimed at rates noted below.

Original detailed receipts are required when claiming for meals and/or lodging.


Maximum reimbursable rates (which includes 15% tip)

Breakfast - 12.00
Lunch - 15.00
Dinner - 29.00
TOTAL  $56.00

*Because lunch is provided the day of the SRC meeting, the $15 allotted for lunch is not reimbursable on that day only.

Regarding meal receipts:

If you receive an itemized credit card receipt with the name of the establishment, date/time, city/state, and items purchased, it is a valid receipt. You normally receive two receipts when using a credit card at a restaurant. One is simply proof of the amount charged against your credit card, (not acceptable alone). The other receipt includes an itemization of what you are being charged. This itemized receipt must be submitted for the reimbursement.


Maximum reimbursable amount for council members is $98 per night, plus tax.

Lodging facilities at state-contracted rates:


Mileage is $.39/mile.


Provide a paid original invoice for the services. The invoice should show the following: 

  • Name and address of the person who provided services
  • Date services provided
  • Type of service (care services or something general is fine)
  • Number of hours, hourly rate and total amount paid.