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Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Post-Secondary Education

Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services (IVRS) may be able to assist with post-secondary training.

Post-secondary training is the training you receive after finishing high school. This can include training at:

  • public or private universities,
  • colleges,
  • community colleges,
  • career or technical schools,
  • vocational or trade schools,
  • centers for continuing education,
  • apprenticeships, or
  • certifications.

Frequently Asked Question

You may receive post-secondary training support from IVRS if you

  • Applied for IVRS services,
  • Have been determined eligible for services, and
  • Are in need of post-secondary training as part of your Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE).

Please contact your assigned IVRS staff for more information about the support available to you.

The general process for post-secondary training starts the same as it does with anyone else applying for IVRS. You can review the IVRS Process to learn more.

During Step 4: Plan Development, you and your assigned IVRS staff will plan out your employment goals. This includes any post-secondary training you may need.

Your assigned IVRS staff will gather some information for you. They may ask for your past transcripts, next semester schedule, and make sure that you applied to FAFSA if your training accepts it. They will verify schools and programs if needed.

During Step 5: Service Delivery, you will attend your training at the pace you have set.

Services are available to potentially assist with post-secondary costs.

Your Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) will outline the services IVRS will assist with.

Yes, IVRS supports post-secondary training for non-traditional students. This is for as long as it is needed to support the agreed upon employment goal.

Please tell your assigned IVRS staff that you want to take part in a program that is not accredited. They will talk with you about similar options that are accredited at other post-secondary institutions.

If you have already applied for IVRS and have been determined eligible for services, please speak with your assigned IVRS staff about next steps.

If you have already applied and have been determined eligible for IVRS services in the state you live in, please contact them for more information.

Your employment goal and Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) can be changed at any point in the process with the approval of both you and your assigned IVRS staff.

Your plan will be reviewed every year. This is to discuss your progress and determine if any other services are needed in order for you to be successful.