Pre-Employment Transition Services

What are Pre-ETS?

Pre-Employment Transition Services, also known as Pre-ETS, are activities that provide an early start at job exploration for students with disabilities to assist with transitioning from school to postsecondary education or employment.

  • Job Exploration Counseling provides students with opportunities to learn about various career options and work skills necessary to be successful.
  • Work-Based Learning Experiences provides students with opportunities in the community to assist them with connecting school experiences to real-life work activities and future career options.
  • Counseling on Opportunities provides students with information and guidance on a variety of postsecondary education and training opportunities.
  • Workplace Readiness Training is training to develop employability skills, social skills, and independent living skills.
  • Instruction in Self-Advocacy is activities to develop self-advocacy skills needed in education, workplace, and community settings.

How Can I Access Pre-ETS?

Students with a disability between the ages of 14 and 21, who have not yet applied or been made eligible for IVRS are considered to be potentially eligible for services.  Documentation of a disability is needed for potentially eligible students as well as a completed Pre-ETS Agreement.

Both eligible and potentially eligible students are able to participate in Pre-ETS. IVRS eligible students will need to complete a Pre-ETS Agreement prior to participating in these activities if an employment plan has not been developed.  Students interested in participating in Pre-ETS should talk with school staff or IVRS staff about getting started.