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Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Employment Service Rates

Name IPE Service Category Max Units Rates Max Authorization
Individual Placement and Support Multiple Fee Schedule Varies  
Customized Discovery Varies Fee Schedule Varies  
Workplace Readiness Services Assessment 60 Units (up to 15 hours) $17.85/ unit $1,071.00
Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation Assessment 40 Units (up to 10 hours) $17.85/ unit $714.00
Job Shadow Assessment 40 Units (up to 10 hours) $10.33/ unit $413.20
Career Exploration Assessment 40 Units (up to 10 hours) $10.33/ unit $413.20
Occupational Skills Training Adult Work-Based Learning Experience Fee Schedule Varies  
CRP Project SEARCH Adult Work-Based Learning Experience Fee Schedule Varies  
Work Adjustment Training Job Readiness Training 80 Units (up to 20 hours)1 $17.85/ unit $1,428.00
Job Seeking Skills Training Job Search 80 Units (up to 20 hours)1 $10.33/ unit $826.40
Transportation Training Transportation 20 Units (up to 5 hours) $10.33/ unit $206.60
Job Development Job Search 160 Units (up to 40 hours)2,3 $17.85/ unit $2,856.00
Natural Supports Supported Employment 8 Units (up to 2 hours) $17.85/ unit $142.80
Supported Short-Term Paid Work Experience Development Pre-ETS: Work-Based Learning Experiences 160 Units (up to 40 hours)2 $17.85/ unit $2,856.00
Instructional Training4 Pre-ETS: Work-Based Learning Experiences 320 Units (up to 80 hours) $12.19/ unit $3,900.80
Customized Employment Customized Employment 40 Units (up to 10 hours) $17.85/ unit $714.00
Externship Adult Work-Based Learning Experience 1280 Units (up to 320 hours) Varies  
Supported Employment Job Coaching Supported Employment 320 Units (up to 80 hours)5 $12.19/ unit $3,900.80
Supported Employment Job Coaching Extended Supports 8 Units (up to 2 hours)/ month6 $12.19/ unit $97.52
Job Follow-Up On-the-Job Supports - Short Term Exception Required $12.19/ unit  
Non-Supported Job Coaching On-the-Job Supports - Short Term
On-the-Job Training
Exception Required $12.19/ unit  

1May be Authorized twice if needed NTE 160 units, 40 hours.
2Can be authorized a second time for an additional 80 units (20 hours) for a total of 240 units (60 hours).
3Up to 8 units (2 hours) to develop a plan for natural supports.
4Secondary school should pay for this.
5Initial authorization NTE 320 Units (up to 80 hours). Extension can be done for additional 160 units (up to 40 hours) for a total NTE 480 Units (up to 120 hours). Once 480 Units (120 hours) are used, an ETP is necessary to authorize additional units. Per Department of Labor requirement, more than 480 units should not be used in a 2 month time period.
6Not to exceed 4 years, or until individual reaches age 25 or is approved for Waiver services.

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