Employment First Archived Webinars

The Iowa Community of Practice (IACP) archived webinars are now on the Iowa Coalition for Integration and Employment YouTube channel and available to anyone at any time!

Eventually, IACP will be adding the webinars to their global lessons on the DirectCourse system, which is available for any provider to use. Each lesson will be paired with a generic test to confirm that the content was reviewed, and be tracked on their professional training transcript.

Playlists have been created on YouTube that allow you to access earlier webinars. Direct links to prior years are provided below. Access to open each webinar's transcript can be accessed by clicking the three small dots located below each webinar video:

2022 Webinars

View the 2022 Webinar Playlist

2021 Webinars

View the 2021 Webinar Playlist

2020 Webinars

View the 2020 Webinar Playlist

2019 Webinars

View the 2019 Webinar Playlist

2018 Webinars

View the 2018 Webinar Playlist

2017 Webinars

View 2017 Webinar Playlist

  • February 2017: Benefits Planning: The Role in Employment & Iowa Resources
  • March 2017: Translating Information Learned in Discovery into Successful Employment
  • April 2017: Engaging and Utilizing Workforce to Support Successful Employment Outcomes
  • May 2017: WIOA & Section 511
  • June 2017: The Role of Person-Centered Planning in Achieving Integrated Employment Outcomes
  • July 2017: Iowa's Success Stories
  • August 2017: Business Engagement Strategies to Support Successful Employment Outcomes
  • August 2017: Successful Transition Practices & Partnering with Schools

2016 Webinars

View the 2016 Webinar Playlist

  • January 2016: Keep Your Head Up! Maintaining Motivated Employment Teams
  • February 2016: Decentralization of Services, Part 1
  • March 2016: Decentralization of Services, Part 2
  • May 2016: Maximizing Partnerships with MCOs
  • ​June 2016: (two webinars this month): Community Integrated Services and Community Mapping
  • ​June 2016: Customized Employment and Digging Deeper into Discovery
  • July 2016: WIOA Section 511 Partnerships and Implications for Providers
  • August 2016: Transition Initiatives and Partnering with Schools

2015 Webinars

View the 2015 Webinar Playlist

  • February 2015: Influencing Employment Outcomes
  • March 2015: Mental Health & Employment Best Practices
  • April 2015: The Role and Importance of Parent Engagement
  • ​May 2015: High-Performing Community-Based Vocational Services, Part 1
  • June 2015: High-Performing Community-Based Vocational Services, Part 2
  • July 2015: School to Work and Successful Transition Practices, Part 1
  • August 2015: School to Work and Successful Transition Practices, Part 2
  • September 2015: A Look Back in Review 

2014 Webinars

View the 2014 Webinar Playlist

  • March 2014: The Iowa Approach, Part 1
  • April 2014: The Iowa Approach, Part 2
  • ​May 2014: What are Iowa State Systems Doing?
  • June 2014: What is Discovery?
  • July 2014: Customized Start to Finish
  • August 2014: Integrated Employment Strategies and Building Strong Teams
  • September 2014: A Focus on Business, Part 1
  • October 2014: A Focus on Business, Part 2

2013 Webinars

The 2013 Webinars can only be viewed on Adobe Connect. You will have to download and install the application before viewing them.

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