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Employment First Webinars

Webinars are scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. CST. If you aren't able to join a webinar at the scheduled time, they are recorded for you to watch later.

  • Click on the date in the current year to access a recording of webinars that have already occurred.
  • Look for older topics under Archived Webinars. There are playlists on YouTube that allow you to access earlier webinars.
  • Click on 'Show transcript' in the video's description on YouTube to read the video's transcript.
  • Go to the Iowa Community of Practice (IACP) YouTube Channel for more videos anytime.
  • Email Iowa Employment to join the mailing list and receive information about attending the webinars.

Current Webinars

Watch January 11 Webinar
Digital Equity in Iowa

According to the National Digital Inclusion Alliance, the digital divide is the gap between those who have affordable access, skills, and support to effectively engage online and those who do not. As technology constantly evolves, the digital divide prevents equal participation and opportunity in all parts of life, disproportionately affecting people of color, Indigenous peoples, households with low incomes, people with disabilities, people in rural areas, and older adults.  Digital equity is a condition in which all individuals and communities have the information technology capacity needed for full participation in our society, democracy, and economy. Digital equity is necessary for civic and cultural participation, employment, lifelong learning, and access to essential services. Jeff Berckes has led the charge in Iowa over the last year by conducting extensive outreach, data collection, and collaborative planning involving thousands of Iowans to develop Iowa's draft Digital Equity Plan (the Plan).  It has just been posted for a month of public comment. Join us on January 11th to learn more about this work and how you can be part of the solution for bridging the digital divide in Iowa.

Watch February 8 Webinar
Unravelling Transportation Operations & Solutions

Transportation is one of the most frequently cited challenges related to obtaining and maintaining employment for Iowans with disabilities. Those who cannot afford cars or do not drive cars, particularly in rural areas, need accessible, affordable transportation options that bring employment, health care, education, housing, and community life within reach. Kristin Haar, Public Transit Director for Iowa’s Department of Transportation, will share with us transportation options, resources, and some creative strategies rural and urban communities have implemented to address transportation needs. She will also share how you can engage with partners to tackle local transportation concerns.

Archived Webinars

View 2023 Webinar Playlist

  • February 2023: Individual Placement and Support
  • April 2023: Iowa Blueprint for Change DIF Grant
  • May 2023: Customized Employment
  • June 2023: Money Follows the Person - Employment Services
  • August 2023: Say "YES" to Supported Employment Careers
  • September 2023: Unleashing Student Potential - Creating Dynamic Website Portfolios
  • October 2023: Introduction to Partners for Work (PFW)

View 2022 Webinar Playlist

  • January 2022: The History of Disability Policy & The Role & Impact of Ableism
  • February 2022: Understanding Bias and Utilizing Emotional Intelligence to Understand Differences
  • March 2022: An Integrative Approach to Job Development - Part 1
  • April 2022: What's New in the World of Secondary Transition?
  • May 2022: An Integrative Approach to Job Development - Part 2
  • June 2022: When Day Habilitation Opens the Door to Employment
  • July 2022: Individual Placement & Supports
  • August 2022: Building Relationships with Business
  • September 2022: Success Stories

View 2021 Webinar Playlist

  • January 2021: Get Agile & Learn in the New Year!
  • February 2021: Day Habitation Service Improvement
  • March 2021: The Art of Community Building
  • April 2021: Unpacking Competitive, Integrated Employment: A Public Policy Roadmap to Achieving Employment First
  • May 2021: Benefits Planning Series, Part 1: Benefits Overview
  • June 2021: Benefits Planning Series, Part 2: PASS Plan
  • July 2021: Benefits Planning Series, Part 3: Benefits & Transition
  • August 2021: Benefits Planning Series, Part 4: Subsidies and Special Conditions
  • September 2021: The Employment Planning Meeting

View the 2020 Webinar Playlist

  • February 2020: Engaging Business Part 1: The Informational Interview & Building Relationships with Businesses
  • March 2020: Engaging Business Part 2: Maintaining Relationships with Business & Strategies for Introducing Job Seekers
  • April 2020: Engaging Diverse Populations & Cultural Responsiveness
  • May 2020: Student/Transition/Collaboration: A Framework for Success
  • June 2020: Supporting Job Seeker's, Employees, and Businesses During COVID-19
  • July 2020: Facilitating Opportunities for Self-Employment
  • August 2020: Day Habilitation Supports that Lead to Competitive Integrated Employment

View 2019 Webinar Playlist

  • January 2019: Building Financial Independence Part 1: Benefits Planning!
  • February 2019: Building Financial Independence Part 2: Financial Library and Asset Development
  • March 2019: Person-Centered Planning for Employment
  • April 2019: Part 1: School to Work and Partnering with Schools
  • May 2019: Collaborative Implementation of Quality Discovery Services
  • June 2019: Increasing Expectations & Outcomes for Job Seekers with Low Vision or Who are Blind
  • July 2019: Iowa and IPS
  • August 2019: The Role of the Job Coach
  • September 2019: Future Ready Iowa

View 2018 Webinar Playlist

  • February 2018: Success Stories in Utilizing an Integrated Resource Team
  • March 2018: Intersectionality & Engaging Job Seekers & Families of Diverse Backgrounds
  • April 2018: Thinking in Themes
  • May 2018: Individual Placement Support (IPS) Model to Assist Job Seekers with Mental Illness
  • June 2018: The Role of Systemic Instruction in Supported Employment
  • July 2018: Job Development Strategies in Rural Areas
  • August 2018: Discovering the Genius of the Family

View 2017 Webinar Playlist

  • February 2017: Benefits Planning: The Role in Employment & Iowa Resources
  • March 2017: Translating Information Learned in Discovery into Successful Employment
  • April 2017: Engaging and Utilizing Workforce to Support Successful Employment Outcomes
  • May 2017: WIOA & Section 511
  • June 2017: The Role of Person-Centered Planning in Achieving Integrated Employment Outcomes
  • July 2017: Iowa's Success Stories
  • August 2017: 
    • Business Engagement Strategies to Support Successful Employment Outcomes
    • Successful Transition Practices & Partnering with Schools

View the 2016 Webinar Playlist

  • January 2016: Keep Your Head Up! Maintaining Motivated Employment Teams
  • February 2016: Decentralization of Services, Part 1
  • March 2016: Decentralization of Services, Part 2
  • May 2016: Maximizing Partnerships with MCOs
  • ​June 2016: 
    • Community Integrated Services and Community Mapping
    • Customized Employment and Digging Deeper into Discovery
  • July 2016: WIOA Section 511 Partnerships and Implications for Providers
  • August 2016: Transition Initiatives and Partnering with Schools

View the 2015 Webinar Playlist

  • February 2015: Influencing Employment Outcomes
  • March 2015: Mental Health & Employment Best Practices
  • April 2015: The Role and Importance of Parent Engagement
  • May 2015: High-Performing Community-Based Vocational Services, Part 1
  • June 2015: High-Performing Community-Based Vocational Services, Part 2
  • July 2015: School to Work and Successful Transition Practices, Part 1
  • August 2015: School to Work and Successful Transition Practices, Part 2
  • September 2015: A Look Back in Review 

View the 2014 Webinar Playlist

  • March 2014: The Iowa Approach, Part 1
  • April 2014: The Iowa Approach, Part 2
  • May 2014: What are Iowa State Systems Doing?
  • June 2014: What is Discovery?
  • July 2014: Customized Start to Finish
  • August 2014: Integrated Employment Strategies and Building Strong Teams
  • September 2014: A Focus on Business, Part 1
  • October 2014: A Focus on Business, Part 2

The 2013 Webinars can only be viewed on Adobe Connect. You will have to download and install the application before viewing them.

View Discovery Services Part 1

View Discovery Services Part 2