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Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Business Partnership Incentive

To encourage the development of a relationship between a CRP and business partner, IVRS is making available a “Business Partnership Incentive” payment. This is the result of IVRS efforts to recognize the additional work required of a CRP that develops and maintains viable business partnerships, resulting in expedited employment services for job candidates. This also serves as an excellent resource in meeting the needs of Iowa businesses.

The Business Partnership Incentive is available to a CRP that provides any employment service listed below to an IVRS job candidate resulting in their employment at the business where the service occurred. The purpose of authorizing for the following services is not for the IVRS job candidate to obtain employment, but rather to gather specific information through the provision of that service.  However, when an employment opportunity arises through one of the services listed below, the CRP providing the service is eligible for the incentive payment.  (The Menu of Service Manual can be reviewed for specific definitions, scope and outcome expectations for each service).

  • Workplace Readiness
  • Job Shadowing
  • Career Exploration
  • Work Adjustment Training
  • Job Seeking Skills Training

For a CRP providing any of these services that result in employment at the business where the service was delivered, IVRS will fund one hour of Business Partnership Incentive – Job Offer at the rate of $71.40 once the IVRS job candidate accepts the job offer. In addition to this initial hour, the CRP may also receive a second payment for 3 hours of Business Partnership Incentive – Case Closure ($71.40 x 3 = $214.20) when the IVRS case closes successfully. The total amount of payment a CRP could expect from IVRS for a Business Partnership Incentive is $285.60 per job candidate.

Should a different IVRS job candidate participate in one of the employment services at the same business and be offered and accept a job, a CRP could be authorized another Business Partnership Incentive. There is no limit to the number of incentive payments that IVRS could authorize to a CRP for a partnership they establish with a business that employs an IVRS job candidate once an above service is received.

A key component to the Menu of Services is that it’s designed to be driven by the needs of a job candidate. Service delivery is a team decision led by the IVRS Counselor and job candidate. The intent of any Menu service is to provide the necessary support(s) that facilitate or enhance an individual’s employment goal. Potential service needs should be discussed with team members to determine the person, agency or business setting most suited to meet them.