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Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Native Language Incentive

The purpose of the Native Language Incentive is to:

  • support the communication needs of a job candidate who has an alternative communication preference
  • satisfy employers that may be concerned with too many support people at the workplace
  • improve and expedite the work that Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation staff has to do to coordinate employment support and translator services
  • encourage CRPs to develop and hire employment support providers who are able to also communicate in the native language of the job candidate

The Native Language Incentive is only used whenever a CRP provides a service on the Menu of Services in the job candidate's native language. IVRS will pay an additional $20/hour or $5/unit in addition to the fee for the service rendered. The Native Language Incentive is not applicable if the CRP is not using the job candidate's native language in the presence of the job candidate. The number of units that can be authorized should never exceed the number of units authorized for the service rendered. As with all services, the Native Language Incentive must be preapproved by IVRS staff.

Provider Qualifications

  • 18 years old,
  • Iowa certified translator, OR
  • Native language speaker, AND
  • Trained in the respective service rendered (e.g. job development, job coaching, customized discovery/CD, and Individual Placement and Support/IPS services).