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Webinars are scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. CST. If you aren't able to join a webinar at the scheduled time, please know they are recorded for viewing at your convenience.

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2021 Iowa Community of Practice Webinars

Watch January 19 Webinar
Get Agile & Learn in the New Year!

Siloed people? A siloed team? Inability to expand? Inability to improve financial results? Quality of supported employment services wasn’t a problem but managing and administering the work to deliver those services was.  This session will feature Bob Oakley, Director of Business Planning and IT, and Steve Gilroy, Employment Services Administrator to tell us how Candeo experimented with Agile and Lean to improve all these things. And brought more joy while doing it!

Candeo Agile PowerPoint
What is Scrum?
Lean project management
What is Disciplined Agile?
Microsoft Task Management Software

Watch February 16 Webinar
Day Habitation Service Improvement

As of February 1, 2021 the new Day Habilitation Rules went into effect that now allow for a clearer pathway to employment and include activities to assist members to participate in the community, develop social roles and relationships, and increase independence and the potential for employment. LeAnn Moskowitz, LTSS Policy Specialist with IME, will provide another quick review of the rule changes, as well as talk to us about how this might impact practice and service implementation, and will open it up for 'Q & A'.

Day Habitation Service Improvement PowerPoint

Watch March 16 Webinar
The Art of Community Building

Oftentimes we hear about the importance of ‘networking’ and developing relationships with businesses, utilizing our social capital and that of those around us, but what does this even mean? Why does it matter to job development? In this Community of Practice, Corey Smith from Griffin-Hammis Associates  is going to share some of his stories from his work all across the country about developing community action teams, maximizing social capital, and building relationships that create opportunities.

Iowa Social Capitol PowerPoint
Iowa Social Capitol PowerPoint - ADA Compliant Version

Watch April 20 Webinar
Unpacking Competitive, Integrated Employment: A Public Policy Roadmap to Achieving Employment First

How can we use existing policy to achieve competitive, integrated employment for people with disabilities? In what ways does existing policy create barriers to success? And what policy changes do we need to advocate for to achieve our goals? In this session, Julie Christensen, APSE Director of Policy & Advocacy, Interim Executive Director, & Bill Stumpf, Parent & Advocate, will unpack existing and proposed legislation and policies as we chart a course forward in 2021 and beyond.

Unpacking CIE PowerPoint
Unpacking CIE PowerPoint - ADA Compliant Version

Watch May 18 Webinar
Benefits Planning Series, Part 1: Benefits Overview

The Key to success is: Knowledge + Education = Financial Empowerment & Independence. Benefits planning is a critical tool in that process. The takeaway from this session will be an introduction to Social Security Disability benefits programs, benefits planning, along with work incentives and how they can promote employment lead my Mistie Johnson, CWIC and Project Director for the Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Program.

Benefits Planning Series Part 1 PowerPoint

Watch June 15 Webinar
Benefits Planning Series, Part 2: PASS Plan

This session will dive deeper into the Plan to Achieve Self-Support or PASS, and focus on who could benefit from a PASS, how a PASS might be utilized to achieve an individual’s work goal(s), and practical guidance with a walk-through of the application and process with Ashlea Lantz, CPWIC, Senior Consultant with Griffin-Hammis Associates.

Benefits Planning Series Part 2 PowerPoint
Benefits Planning Series Part 2 PowerPoint - ADA Compliant

Watch July 20 Webinar
Benefits Planning Series, Part 3: Benefits & Transition

This session lead by Suzie Paulsen, CPWIC, Benefits Planning Resource Manager, Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services, will focus on the work incentives that can be critical to students in transition, which can often be overlooked or forgotten. We will cover the Student Earned Income Exclusion, the Age 18 redetermination, and Section 301.

Watch August 17 Webinar
Benefits Planning Series, Part 4: Subsidies and Special Conditions

We all need a little help; through the Social Security Work Incentives of Subsidies and Special Conditions, SSDI beneficiaries can use the “value” of their supports to maintain their benefits. Join us as Brian Dennis, Certified Benefits Planner, and Workforce Disability Services Program Coordinator for Iowa Workforce Development, walks through subsidies and special conditions.

Register for September 21 Webinar
The Employment Planning Meeting

This session will feature Bronna Crase, Central Iowa Center for Independent Living in Des Moines, and will focus on the Employment Planning Meeting, a structured and strategic process utilized with the job seeker and their support team to shape and guide the next steps into job development.

All webinars are on the Iowa Coalition for Integration and Employment YouTube channel, which are captioned and include a transcript.

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