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Employment First Current Webinars

Webinars are scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. CST. If you aren't able to join a webinar at the scheduled time, please know they are recorded for viewing at your convenience.
  • Click on the date in the schedule below to access a recording of webinars that have already occurred.
  • You can also looked at the archived webinars for older topics.
  • To join the mailing list and receive information about attending the webinars, contact Jessica Kreho at pruittjess@gmail.com.

2020 Iowa Community of Practice Webinars

Watch February 18 Webinar
Engaging Business Part 1: The Informational Interview & Building Relationships with Businesses
The first in this two-part series will focus on initiating and building quality relationships with businesses utilizing the informational interview approach and serving the business as an important or second partner. ​
Engaging Business Part 1 PowerPoint

Watch March 24 Webinar
Engaging Business Part 2: Maintaining Relationships with Business & Strategies for Introducing Job Seekers
This session will focus on maintaining relationships built with businesses, the importance of completing tasks analysis and how to utilize them, and strategies for supporting job seekers to also connect with and develop relationships with businesses including informational interviews, visual resumes, and job proposals.
Engaging Business Part 2 PowerPoint
Job Carve Proposal

Watch April 21 Webinar
Engaging Diverse Populations & Cultural Responsiveness
Persons with disabilities constitute the largest and most diverse minority group in the country, with one in five Americans identifying as having a disability, & encompasses all ages, genders, religions, ethnicities, and socioeconomic levels. This session will focus on cultural competency, how it impacts transition and employment outcomes, and strategies you can utilize to better engage and support diverse job seekers and their families.​
Engaging Diverse Populations PowerPoint
Webinar Feedback

Watch May 26 Webinar
Students/Transition/Collaboration: A Framework for Success
This session will focus on how state, community, and student level teams can utilize the National Technical Assistance Center on Transition's (NTACT) Competitive Integrated Employment Toolkit as a framework to facilitate the collaboration necessary to implement secondary transition services across agencies and increase the use of evidence based practices (EBPs) in supporting youth with disabilities.​
Student/ Transition/ Collaboration PowerPoint
Student/ Transition/ Collaboration PowerPoint - ADA Compliant Version
CIE Toolkit
GHA Virtual CE Discovery Service Delivery Guidance
GHA Virtual Customized Job Development Service Delivery Guidance
GHA Virtual Customized Job Development Service Delivery Guidance - ADA Compliant Version
IVRS Department of Education MoA
IVRS Pre-ETS Virtual Summer Program Flyer
Local School Template
School Responsibility for Employment Guidance Memo
Virtual Pre-ETS Delivery Guidance

Watch June 16 Webinar
Supporting Job Seeker's, Employees, and Businesses During COVID-19
Supporting Job Seeker's, Employees, and Businesses During COVID-19 with Cesilee Coulson and Shaun Wood, Washington (state) WISE; and Ashley Coil and Kathy Pittman, Imagine the Possibilities, Jefferson, IA.
A New Normal for Iowa
A New Normal for Iowa - ADA Compliant Version
Coronavirus Social Story
George Floyd Social Story

Watch July 21 Webinar
Facilitating Opportunities for Self-Employment
This session will focus on understanding self-employment as one potential outcome of customized employment, learning that self-employment can be a realistic outcome for individuals with disabilities, including those with more significant disabilities, and understanding the employment specialist’s role in facilitating the self-employment process.​
Facilitating Opportunities for Self Employment
Facilitating Opportunities for Self Employment - ADA Compliant Version

Watch August 18 Webinar
Day Habilitation Supports that Lead to Competitive Integrated Employment
This session will focus on updates to the HCBS day habilitation rules and best practices in community-based day services that reflect high expectations, lead to meaningful integration, and open possibilities and the door to integrated, competitive employment.​
Day Habilitation Service Improvement
Individual Placement and Support Supported Employment Project Through US-DOL ODEP

Watch September Webinar
Researching and Identifying Viable Assistive Technology Solutions
This webinar included information about Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Service’s (IVRS) Assistive Technology (AT) Resources, and how technology and AT are being used during the COVID and many aspects of life, including work are happening from home and/or via technology.
IVRS Assistive Technology Resources PowerPoint

October 21/ 28 Webinar
Got Implicit Bias?
Learn About Implicit Bias Event

All webinars are on the Iowa Coalition for Integration and Employment YouTube channel, which are captioned and include a transcript.

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