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Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services

SRC Ongoing Activities

Annual Legislative Reception. This breakfast event is held the first quarter of each year, during the time the Iowa legislature is in session. The reception offers a chance to thank legislators for their support and an opportunity to educate about the vocational rehabilitation federal-state partnership. SRC members also share with our legislators the return on their investment in IVRS.

Statewide Needs Assessment. The SRC, through IVRS, has established a mechanism to search out and obtain public feedback to consider as part of their requirement to complete a statewide needs assessment. This is accomplished through a contract with the Iowa Coalition for Integration and Employment. The Council will communicate the impact of IVRS policies and practices on competitive integrated employment for individuals with the most significant disabilities. The SRC is expanding outreach efforts to other organizations and individuals impacted by statewide employment services. This is to ensure broad input in the needs assessment process, as well as to establish long-term connections and relationships.

Consumer Satisfaction Surveys. The SRC and IVRS staff developed a Consumer Satisfaction Survey as mandated under federal regulations §361.29. The survey measures the employment outcomes achieved by eligible individuals receiving or are currently receiving IVRS services. First implemented in March 2008, both the Council and IVRS staff regularly review the survey data. Collaboration continues between the SRC and IVRS to further refine the Consumer Satisfaction Surveys. 

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