A New Start with a New Career

Beatrice standing in front of the Prudential logo
Beatrice standing next to the Prudential logo

Beatrice is overjoyed to be working again at her new position at Prudential.

"I would have never considered applying there or going to work there after being off so long due to my disabilities," she said.

As a single mother of three who has been off work since 2011 because of her disability, IVRS Counselor Jason Rubel arranged and accompanied Beatrice to a Networking Event at Prudential.

Beatrice was provided with clothing assistance and participated in mock interviews and resume work. She did her homework - studying interview questions and proper responses and did some online research about Prudential to better prepare herself.

Prudential was very impressed with Beatrice and encouraged her to apply and take the assessment tests. After applying, she received a job offer as a Service Advisor. Beatrice decided to start with a part-time position when offered the opportunity.

Once she was on the job, IVRS helped provide the initial transportation costs to get to her job.

Now in two months she plans to go full-time, get off SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance), and get her family on Prudential's health insurance plan.

Her manager states that Beatrice is "a joy to have around."

Her happiness that this opportunity has brought her is evident and infections.

"Once I am fully comfortable and keep great calls and quality scores, I will be able to work from home. It fits perfectly with my mommy duties... My daughter and her camp (which Prudential sponsors) visited Prudential as a class trip and I got to visit them while they were in the building and I was at work. This has been an amazing experience for me!"

Participant Service Center Manager Laura Giblin expressed how great it is to bring in a diverse candidate pool, which she feels strengthens Prudential.

Her employment with Prudential has been so successful that Beatrice is now working on a promotion for a new position.

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