Success Story

Knife-Making Sparks Career in Welding


Tevin Haugen had just moved to Iowa when he began working with IVRS Counselor James Faulkner.Tevin Haugen working on a car Tevin indicated that high school had not been a good experience for him but learning knife-making sparked an interest in welding. Counselor Faulkner said, “I wanted to keep that flame going. My biggest worry was that the flame would go out.”

Designing for Business Success


Amber had a clear career path in mind when she graduated.Amber

“I had always wanted to be a designer since I was younger, and after I graduated I found that there were no web design jobs in this area for an Associates Level graduate.”

That didn’t stop Amber, who chose to go back to college to continue her education in 2012.


Be on the lookout in Hy-Vee (and other) retail stores for Finley’s Ambassadors introducing Finley’s line of dog biscuits and treats.