IVRS Policies

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Appearance as a Witness
Authority for Release of Information
Authorizations and Billings
Background Checks
Benefits Planning Services
Case Services Guidance
Client Assistance Program
Comparable Services and Benefits
Competitive Integrated Employment
Computer Request
Confidentiality and Release of Information
Copies of Case File Information
Financial Inventory (R-406)
Hearings and Appeals
Individualized Plan for Employment
Informed Choice
IVRS Post-Secondary Education Grant
IVRS Self-Employment Program
Job Candidate Emergency Procedures
Job Coaching Non-Supported Employment
Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Authorization and Fees
On-The-Job Training
Order of Case Filing
Other Training
Performance Measures
Personal Assistance Services
Purchase Principles
Rehabilitation Technology
Scope of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Security Breach
Services to Business Partners
Serving Students in Transition
Status 00-0: Referral for Services
Status 02-0: Applicant
Status 04-0: Waiting List
Status 08-0: Closed Before Acceptance into Services
Status 10-_: Plan Development
Status 14-0: Counseling and Guidance
Status 16-0: Physical and Mental Restoration Services
Status 18-_: Training
Status 20-0: Ready for Employment
Status 22-0: Placement
Status 24-0: Services Interrupted
Status 26-0: Closed Rehabilitation
Status 28-0: Closed After Plan Initiated
Status 30-0: Closed Before Plan Initiated
Status 32-0: Post-Employment Services
Status 33-_: Closed From Post-Employment Services
Status 38-0: Closed from Status 04-0
Subminimum Wage (Section 511)
Supported Employment Services
Table of Contents
Utilization of Community Rehabilitation Programs

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