About the Waiting List

Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services currently has more people requesting assistance than we have resources to serve. Therefore, your name may be placed on a waiting list. This page will help you to understand what this could mean to you.

Who gets put on the waiting list?

When IVRS is unable to serve all job candidates that apply for services due to IVRS financial limitations, then applicants are placed on one of three waiting lists.

What are the waiting list categories?

There are three categories:

  • MOST SIGNIFICANTLY DISABLED – individuals who have three or more serious impediments to employment and whose vocational rehabilitation is expected to require multiple services over an extended period (defined as more than six months).
  • SIGNIFICANTLY DISABLED – individuals who have two or less serious impediments to employment; and whose vocational rehabilitation can be expected to require multiple services over an extended period.
  • OTHER ELIGIBLE – individuals who do not require multiple services over an extended period, and who have an impediment to employment but is not considered to be a significant limitation. A person may be “other eligible” if he/she only requires one service for employment.

In what order are people served on the waiting list?

Those on the waiting list are served according to the severity of disability. Federal laws specifically require that we must first serve all Most Significantly Disabled before serving those applicants determined to be Significantly Disabled.

Only after those categories are served may those who are considered Other’s Eligible receive services. Individuals with disabilities who do not meet the categories currently being served can received information and referral services. Those on the waiting list can be referred to other federal and state programs, including programs carried out by other entities in the statewide workforce investment system.

Who decides if I must go on a waiting list?

An IVRS vocational rehabilitation counselor must determine your eligibility. Your eligibility justification is a process for the rehabilitation counselor to learn about your disability and gain understanding of the impact of the disabling conditions upon your employment.

Can my placement on the waiting list change?

If you can provide additional information to indicate you are more seriously limited than currently documented, your counselor can reconsider your eligibility determination. If you disagree with you eligibility determination, you have the right to appeal that decision by contacting your counselor or the office supervisor. You may also contact the Client Assistance Program (CAP) by phone: 1-800-652-4298 or email: dhr.disabilities@iowa.gov.

How long will my name remain on the list?

You will remain eligible for services as long as your file is active. So please keep your counselor informed of your current contact information and let them know of any changes to your address, phone number or email address. We will contact you once a year to determine your interest in remaining on the waiting list. You will also be notified when you become eligible for services.

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